Balti & Biryani Dishes

Balti Dishes

All these Balti dishes are cooked in our special mixture of herbs and spices and served in a thick fresh medium sauce.

Beef Balti £7.95

Chicken Balti £7.95

Vegetable Balti v £7.95

Chicken Tikka Balti £8.95

Garlic Tikka Balti £9.50

Lamb Balti £9.50

King Prawn Balti £10.95

Mixed Balti £10.95

Tandoori King Prawn Balti £12.95

Biryani Dishes

Biryani is made by gently cooking with special flavoured Basmati Rice together with a mixture of mild spices, served with a side order of vegetable curry.

Beef Biryani £7.95

Chicken Biryani £7.95

Vegetable Biryani £7.95

Prawn Biryani £7.95

Chicken Tikka Biryani £8.95

Lamb Biryani £9.95

Mixed Biryani £10.50

King Prawn Biryani £10.95